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About us

Great Waters Maritime was established in August, 2015 as an international maritime company by Mr. Mukesh Shekhawat and Mrs. Reshu Raghav. We provide a broad range of ship broking service on a competitive and, above all, reliable basis. We are completely independent and have no third party ownership, nor are we answerable to outside investors. We do, however, offer a high level of commitment to our customers, both on the Charterers side as well as on the Owners side. We place a great premium on long time relationships, as we believe that open and honest cooperation between all parties involved will yield the most profitable outcome for everyone involved in the long run.The company provides its humble, dedicated and guaranteed services in the bulk, break bulk, steel and demolition sectors.

Great Waters Maritime provides ship-broking services also for almost all the sizes from handy to panamax vessels and cargoes. The company is fully committed to gratify its prestigious and valuable clients in every aspect. Our coverage of the maritime market is one of the most comprehensive in the sector that includes demolition and Chartering activities in all the major shipping segments, i. e: Dry Cargo Chartering, Project Cargoes, Steel cargoes…………..etc.


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